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This summer was a busy one here at Raise Your Vibration. We have officially opened our retail store, launched our website, entered the world of social media; creating a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. We attended the local Farmer’s Markets to share Raise Your Vibration with the community. Like our first newsletter, we will share our fall essential oil, our journey, upcoming events and some favorite recipes!

Website Launch

The time has finally come and our website is up! When you enter the site, you are able to purchase our essential oil products online with the option for home delivery, or pick-up at our store. Information and prices about our different healing services are also available, and you are able to schedule appointments online.

Check us out at www.ryvusa.com or stop in and see us at 257 South Court St. Suite 11. Medina, Ohio. Right across from Castle Noel


Essential Oil of the Month!

Lemon Essential Oil

The lemon tree is thought to have originated in India and is now found all over the world. The lemon is an evergreen tree, it blooms (a white flower) and produces fruit all year round. Each tree can produce between 500 and 600 pounds of lemons a year. It takes approximately 75 lemons to make 15 ml of Lemon essential oil. One drop of oil comes from a quarter of a whole lemon.

When the pilgrims sailed to the New World, they brought lemons to eat which saved them from getting scurvy. At the time, they may not have realized the many healing properties of lemons.

Lemon has the ability to cleanse toxins from your body, stimulate lymph drainage, increases the ability to concentrate, rejuvenates your energy, purify skin, and acts as a bug repellant. This antiseptic and antibacterial oil works nicely when used in blends. When diffused, lemon essential oil protects against the spread of infection.

Lemon and other citrus oils help with the winter time blues. Often the fall and winter months leave us feeling moody and with less energy. Diffusing lemon essential oil in the air can lift mood and fight depression.

We carry a mist, called Liquid Sunshine, which helps with Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD.

As a note, RYV does not recommend that any Essential Oils be taken orally or ingested, or used on women who are pregnant .or infants

It is important to consult an aromatherapist when considering using EOs on young children.


The RYV Story

Laurie became Certified Aromatherapists in the fall of 2015. George Cox, founder of Natural Options Aromatherapy, in Bellville, Ohio was their teacher. He offers both a 30 hour and a 200 hour aromatherapy certification seminar that is accredited through National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (N.A.H.A) and the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers (N.C.B.T.M.B.).

They learned the history, characteristics, and uses for over 40 essential oils. They were taught how to safely use and formulate blends for specific conditions. Did you know there are over 90 essential oils making over 350 individual natural formula chemicals? There are eight main categories which the aromas or fragrances of essential oils are divided into but they choose to categorize them into 5 groups: Energizing, Citrus, Hormonal, Calming and Medicinal. Most oils have a shelf life of 2 years, citrus oils are about a year and some EO like peppermint get stronger with age.

You can use aromatherapy to compliment traditional medicine. One of the many benefits to using EO is we don’t build a tolerance the way we do to pharmaceuticals or over the counter medications.

Oils can be applied one of three ways: Direct inhalation, topical application or Arial diffusion. Laurie does NOT believe essential oils should be consumed orally. There are only a handful of EO that can be applied directly to the skin or “neat.” They are lavender, tea tree, copaiba, fragonia, lemon and Roman Chamomile when used for ADHD one drop may be placed on the sole of the foot.

Laurie does not recommend using essential oils on women who are pregnant or for infants. Please be aware adult formulas should not be used on children, they are too strong. If you would like to use EO for a child, please consult a certified aromatherapist.

Check out the www.ryvusa.com website for essential oils, pre-made formulas and if you have a specific condition and would like to try a custom blend, consult Laurie.


Healthful Tips and Recipes

Lemon is great for getting rid of Plantar Warts

1 – 3 drops on wart and rub into skin

Apply 3 – 4 times a day


Use Lemon EO in your laundry

In case you leave your laundry sitting in the washer too long, just add a few drops of Lemon EO and your clothes won’t get that musty smell.

Our summer feature oil Lavender and our fall feature oil lemon combined with baking soda make a wonderful rug deodorizer.


Natural Rug Deodorizer Recipe

2 cups baking soda

15 drops Lavender essential oil

15 drops Lemon essential oil

Combine baking soda and essential oil in a container

Cap and shake well to combine

Sprinkle on carpet, wait 1 – 2 hours

(Sprinkle on carpet before you go to bed, then vacuum up in the morning)

Vacuum thoroughly

You now have a fresh smelling carpet that will leave you feeling good!


Natural Disinfectant

If you would like a more nature way to clean your counter tops and moldy shower give this a try.

40 drops of lemon oil

20 drops of tea tree oil

16-oz spray bottle filled with water and a bit of white vinegar

Cap and shake well

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